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ISO 13802 Charpy, Izod pendulum Impact Testing for plastic

This International Standard specifies frequency and methods for the verification of pendulum impact-testing machines used for the Charpy impact test, Izod impact test, and tensile impact test described in ISO 179-1, ISO 180, and ISO 8256, respectively. Verification of instrumented impact machines is covered insofar as the geometrical and physical properties of instrumented machines are identical to non instrumented machines. The force/work verification of instrumented machines is not covered in this International Standard.

Methods are described for verification of the geometrical and physical properties of the different parts of the test machine. The verification of some geometrical properties is difficult to perform on the assembled instrument. It is, therefore, assumed that the manufacturer is responsible for the verification of such properties and for providing reference planes on the instrument that enable proper verification in accordance with this International Standard.

These methods are for use when the machine is being installed, has been repaired, has been moved, or is undergoing periodic checking.

A pendulum impact-testing machine verified in accordance with this International Standard, and assessed as satisfactory, is considered suitable for impact testing with unnotched and notched test specimens of different types.

Annex A:details design requirements for Charpy testing machines.
Annex B :details design requirements for Izod testing machines.
Annex C details design requirements for tensile impact machines.
Annex D explains how to calculate the ratio of frame mass to pendulum mass required to avoid errors in the impact energy.
Annex E explains deceleration of pendulum during impact.
Annex F:details design requirements for one type of gauge used to verify striker and anvil/support alignment for Charpy testing machine.

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