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Many concrete and cement applications are critical to human safety. Therefore many companies and organizations in this industry require formal certifications of concrete materials and products. This has driven a proliferation of strength testing and published testing standards.

In its simplest form, workable concrete consists of cement, sand and water. To ensure desired strength of concrete in a safety-critical application such as a bridge, it may be necessary to test and certify the cement raw material and the sand. In addition, one may want to test the workable concrete mixture; and the final cured cement, perhaps at different cure times. Most concrete applications include reinforcement called rebar. So it may be appropriate to test and certify the rebar as well as the concrete-rebar assembly.

In most applications, concrete is loaded in compression or in flexural bending. LARYEE offers the test machines and specimen fixtures needed to perform both types of tests. Most of our fixtures are designed to meet the specific details of the relevant ASTM or ISO standards.

LARYEE offers two product lines that were designed with concrete and cement testing in mind:

Model UE** electromechical universal test machines and Model UH** electrohydraulic universal test machines
Our UE** product line covers forces from 1kN to 300 kN. Our UH** product line covers forces from 300 kN to 2000 kN. Both types of machines can be configured for compression and flexural bend testing.

LARYEE offers a wide range of universal test machines and all of the specimen fixtures you need to perform your tests on cement or concrete raw materials and finished products. Contact your LARYEE application engineer for more details.

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