Nonmetal Impact Testing Machine

LARYEE manufacture this series charpy impact testing machine for nonmetal testing. It is mainly used use to determine the rigid plastics, strengthen the impact toughness of nonmetallic materials such as nylon, glass fiber reinforced plastic, pottery, cast stone, plastic electric apparatus, insulating material.

 These machines can be operated semi-automatically. They are essential testing instruments for quality testing section, university and college, research institution and industrial and mining enterprise.

There are five series for nonmetal impact testing machine in LARYEE as below:

XJJ Series: Charpy Impact Testing Machine 
XJU Series: IZOD Impact Testing Machine
XJJ-S Series: Charpy (simple-beam) Impact Testing Machine
XJU Series: Digital IZOD Impact Testing machine
XJJU Series: Digital IZOD and Charpy Impact Testing machine


The below picture is as principle of nonmetal Impact Testing Machine:

Testing Specimen Material:
Glass fiber
Reinforced plastic
Electrical insulating material and other nonmetal materials

 + Universal Testing Machine
0.5-300Kn Computer Controlled
0.5-20Kn Digital Display
300-2000Kn Computer Display
300-2000Kn Servo Hydraulic
Digital Display Hydraulic UTM
Dail Display Hydraulic UTM
Horizontal Testing Machine
 + Compression Testing Machine
Building Material Compress
Concrete Compression
 + Hardness Tester
Rockwell Hardness Tester
Brinell Hardness Tester
Vikers Hardness Tester
Micro Hardness Tester
Universal Hardness Tester
Tablet Hardness Tester
 + Impact Testing Machine
Metal Impact Testing
Nonmetal Impact Testing
Falling Impact Testing
UV Notching Machine
Impact Specimen Notch Projector
Low Temp Chamber for Sample
 + Torsion Testing Machine
500-2000Kn Computer Controlled
0.1-10mm Metal Wire Torsion
50-500Nm Torsion Testing
 + Metallographic Sample Machine
Cutting Machine
Mouting Press Machine
 + Lab Instrument
Surface/Interface Tensiometer
Melt Flow Indexer

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