Q Jamaica Customer---Concrete mechanical testing solution
  The Customer of Jamaica need to building the lab for concrete testing, we supply the testing solution, depending on years of experience on meterial testing machine and relevant instrument.

Q WDW UTM to test Geotextile
  We can use of WDW machine to test the geotextile material by adding different accessories just like Strip Tension Test,Grab Tension Test, CBR Test,Puncture Test,Peel Test.

Q Supply the Testing mehod and Standard File
  If you have material or product need test, while you don't very clear for what kind testing method or standard norms, please click to see details.

Q Updating UTM from Dial or Digital to Computerized UTM
  If you buy the machine many yeas ago, and it is out of time for the control system,we can help you update the machine to model Computerized type. Please see details

Q Testing Solution and equipment supply
  Base on different testing standard of different material and products, we supply the whole equipment and soution.please click to see details.

Q Laryee Regualar Testing Machine Catalogue
  We publiseh our standard testing machine catalogue and convert to a pdf file. Please click to download the file if you have interest.

Q Testing Machine Soft Language Support
  Our software support Chinese, English and Spanish. If customer have special requirement of software language, we can updating it before your order.
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