Russian software for UTM Developed sucessfully
From Time8/30/2013
In August 2013, Laryee's technical department developed new Russian software interface for UTM sucessfully. The Russian interface will be convenient for Russian users such as Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Azerbaijan in Eastern Europe and Kyrgyzstan, kazakhstan to Uzbekistan in Middle Asia etc. countries.
The software -MaxTest.exe program applies to all kinds of material testing machine such as Electron Control Universal Testing Machine WDW, Servo control hydraulic Universal Testing Machine WAW, Computer display hydraulic Universal Testing Machine WEW, according to different configuration files.
The control mode contains constant force, constant displacement, constant deformation and others. The testing process can show the curve force-displacement, force-time force- deformation curves test curves, and can automatically switch at any time, easy to observe and compare with the corresponding international standards ISO, ASTM, BSEN and etc.
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